Bavarian Association for further education
zbbzusammenschlussgeldanlegen.jpg bayrischer bildungsinitiativen e.V. München

25 years alternative education in bavaria

Mainboard: Heinz Schulze, Margaretenplatz 2, München
c/o Fritz Letsch, Steinstr. 9, 81667 München
c/o Alfred Rott, Lindwurmstr. 60, 80337 München

VR München 12020, zbb Bank für Sozialwirtschaft München, Konto 88 322 00 BLZ 700 205 00 Society of public utility §§ 51ff.AO for further education 143/224/90527 last change 14.8.2008, Member in Nord-Süd-Forum München in the OneWorldHouse München, Our Mission at the start: Satzung
In this years we join the work of Global Education: The World Education Forum (WEF)
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3einhalb Wappensaal.jpg

Projects in this years:
Agenda 21 Eine Welt with Ashàninka-Project in peruan Rainforest
youventus international is a project of zbb in the city-twinning Munich-Harare
and member of the Nord-Süd-Forum Munich in the Einewelthaus, Schwanthalerstr. 80
actual: and Project to free Gustl Mollath: Psychiatrie-Politik
english-spoken information http://youventus-
static sites http://www.youventus-

Mehrgenerationenprojekt Chiemsee
ESS sponsorship for a Misereor-Project in Harare
Beuys Birthday - Best of Best 14.5.-16.5.2010 art exhibition in political inclusion a work of .ADLER.A.F.

The Projekt "creation of political consciousness for sustanibility of tropical Rainforest" is an
offizial Project of the UN Worlddecade 2007 / 2008 education for sustainible developement

Old Sites in German:
an actual Blogs, and in english at Partnership youventus -pamuzinda also at und